Multiplication of Happiness

Note: This blog is written by guest writer Ra’z Salvarita.

“Happiness multiplies to infinity.”

Forward. Onward.

June 2014 : One round circle – a mandala composed of more than 60 courageous souls – teachers and health workers identifying themselves as ‘survivors’ of the super typhoon Yolanda (international code name Haiyan) – – one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded in history and had its first landfall in the middle of the Philippines. And while in the circle, each one had their right hand on their heart center while the left hand placed palm-to-palm with their partners; both tuning in to the flow of breath and extending joy and healing to one self and the other; and extending the same within the circle, then to the whole island, and on to the greater expanse of the planet.

sozen spark 01

The outer circle circumnavigated around – being-by-being, feeling-to-feeling, communing in the vibration of…

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