How does a nightmare become a blessing?

glistening on the grass

rodelia_gaddi Rodelia Gaddi in the living room of her newly-rebuilt house furnished through the help of family and friends.

Basey, Western Samar –

“For nights, I could not sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I could see my father clutching his chest, falling into the waters as it churned and swallowed him up.”

Rodelia Gaddi, 44, retells that fateful November day with a tremulous voice and tears, then beams a beautiful smile. “I learned a lot from the experience of Yolanda, and I am so blessed. I am convinced that I still have a mission. Even if there are problems now, I just smile. I have surrendered my life to God. Bahala na siya sa akin.”

Rodelia is the sixth of nine children. From childhood she has been sickly and her parents doted on her. Her brothers and sisters eventually married and had their own families. She took care…

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