Misa de Gallo in Tacloban and Palo, Leyte

glistening on the grass

bishops_chapel Archbishop’s chapel in Palo under construction but all lit up for the 4:30 AM Misa de Gallo.

Did you complete the Misa de Gallo? I’ve been going to different churches for the past nine days for mass, the last three of which were in Leyte.

Here’s a report of what it’s like (also on http://www.papalvisit.ph):

Whether it is the church plaza, a fully-reconstructed barangay chapel or one that is currently being built, the people of Leyte flocked to the Misa de Gallo, the nine-day dawn masses in preparation for Christmas. “This year, it has a specific vibrancy and fervor because of the impact of the Pope’s coming. We also received guidelines to include the spiritual preparation of the people about mercy and compassion, the theme of the papal visit in January 2015, in our homilies during the Misa de Gallo,” said Fr. Oscar L. Florencio of the papal visit secretariat in…

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