Houses for the People of Tanauan Leyte: Ministry Trip 22-26 Jan 2015

One Day At A Time

We finally made it to Tacloban!

Our trip to Tanauan Leyte was planned for last September. But owing to the poor condition of the airport runway, we decided to postpone it to 22-26 Jan 2015. Little did we know that this would be directly after the papal visit one week earlier! As a result, the airport was spruced up and the entire town cleaned up. What a blessing for us!

This delay also allowed Ptr Joel Lerios to read more about my ministry in Kidapawan City in October 2014 where the message of Archippus Awakening was shared. I was then requested to bring the same message of awakening to Jesus Our Refuge Church through a one-day seminar on Saturday 24 Jan, aptly entitled “AWAKENED. ALIGNED. ASSIGNED.” [Read blogpost “Archippuses Awakened in Tanauan Leyte”]

At the Sunday service, the recipients of the BuildHope houses took turns to convey their thanks…

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