The Philippines say “Thank You” to the World!

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We, the Filipino people, will forever remember November 8, 2013 as the most tragic day in our modern history. The strongest typhoon ever recorded in the World’s history, Haiyan or locally known as Yolanda, left millions of people homeless, and about 8,000 people dead. For a moment, we grabbed the world’s attention, not for good news, but for bad news.

Amidst of this incredible catastrophe, I was overjoyed and ecstatic to learn that the Philippines made an effort to send a message of thankfulness throughout the world for the outpouring support, love, concern, and care of various countries that came to our aid.

According to the news, electronic billboards were used to display “Thank You” messages in various major cities including New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, and others.

The photos, videos, and messages in social media just give me a good reason to smile and to still believe in the…

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